Are you one of those people that have their Xmas trees up by October? I HATE YOU. LOLz! I usually panic come end November. Then I call this dude who comes over to put up all my decor. HE IS THE TRUE FATHER CHRISTMAS. His name is Edmar.

As for the Xmas list,  the top three most difficult to shop for, IMHO, are:
1) men
2) bosses
3) everyone else

All year long I am plagued by that burning question of what to gift en masse. This I shall save for another entry. Or better yet, a shopping episode on L3.

Now for the men and the bosses, let Tenkie Box help us out!

Tenkie Box Concepts is the Philippine distributor of the mighty Otterbox.

What is Otterbox?

Why are you even asking me that question. It’s what I’ve been using on ALL my gadgets and is with me on ALL my selfies :p

“We design and manufacture protective cases for smartphones, tablets and mobile technology. Outdoorsy, professional, clumsy and busy — just like you — we don’t leave home without protection and hope you don’t either. OtterBox protection can withstand the worst situation you never imagined getting into.” -Otterbox USA

It always is a treat receiving gadgets for your gadgets. Even if you live atop the highest mountain, I’m sure you’d still have a mobile phone with you. And flashlights. And sounds pare!

Tenkie box has got you covered on all counts.

Check out these candy colored Ecoxtreme speakers!

Or its bigger, badder brother, the Ecoxterra!

WATERPROOF – designed for use on the water and offers protection for your mobile device from the Earth’s elements.

GREAT SOUND – 3 watts of power and a 3″ speaker provide a full dynamic range. Enjoy your tunes with a crisp clean sound.

RUGGED DESIGN –  impact resistant. Use it at the beach and anywhere you want to go!

UNIVERSAL FIT – Designed to fit mp3 players including your iPhone 4/4S & 5, Samsung S3, Android, Windows & Blackberry.

IT FLOATS – floats with up to 1/2 lb of your personal cargo inside its water-tight compartment.

GREAT BATTERY LIFE – Listen to your tunes all day. With up to  25-30 hrs of play time you won’t miss a beat.

Even if itapon mo pa sya sa pool, because you are angry, excited or just plain klutzy, you don’t have to worry 😉

The ECOROX speaker and suction cup mounts are a cool gift idea for your biker dudes.

For hobby guys that like to butingting with everything (ala Enteng Kabisote),  a portable light source is a great thing to have.

The small ones are the best for when you clean the ears of your kiddos!  Just make ipit on thy lips hihi.

Hook them on your jacket or bag zippers and be off!

If you’re still on a 4S you must get a camo case!

Check out the Tenkiebox website to shop for (yourself and) others.

Here is their store locator.

Happy shopping!

So… is your Xmas decor up yet?


Some photos via Tenkiebox FB and Tenkiebox IG  😉