Talking of one’s fatness, to an old friend or a new acquaintance, is quite commonplace.  “I’m so fat.”

No you’re not.

I look pregnant.

No you don’t. I’M pregnant.

OMG YOURE PREGNANT! CONGRATS!!…But look at my arms.

No, no, look at MY arms… and so on.

This self-deprecating banter is well embraced and everyone usually chimes in. Name an unhappy body part and the other person negates it by saying how fabulous you look. (Whether they mean it or not.)

Everyone does this. Myself included.

Why is it so normal to nitpick on what is wrong with your person and dwell on it?

Meet Danah and Stacy, the wonder twins behind The Plump Pinay.

They too have gone through this vicious vortex and have had enough. They are image warriors that believe that FAT does not mean lazy or inadequate. FAT is a term to describe size, and nothing more. Like long or short.

These super sisters are fabulous, intelligent, energetic and oozing with sexiness. Their confidence was hard earned and they too, did  journey along that dark road of self doubt.

I was in tears when reading their blog. I was researching for Live Love LOLz and found myself glued. We all have gotten to a point where we have been consumed by disappointment on  how we look.  But why?? Ang babaw! Nakakainis! Wala akong masuot! Ayoko lumabas ng bahay!

Where does this false sense of pressure come from?? Our obsession with celebrity and fashion?


Celebs come in all sizes.


And plus-size fashion is everywhere.

The Plump Pinay has gained quite the following. They preach love for self.

They speaketh of fashion for all sizes, of beauty inside and out.

After launching their blog they’ve had to opportunity to model,

design swimwear,

be brand ambassadors

and cover girls.

All in the name of being comfortable in your own skin.

This was a great ep of L3!

Do check out their blog of course:

I am proud to know them and fully support their advocacy.

Big Love to all!


Tita K

Photos from ThePlump Pinay on FB, google images and @imdayrit