I am a creature of habit.

It goes against my grain to embrace change and all that is new. LOL.

I haven’t ever gone digital in terms of planning. So this is not a post on hi techery, but good old fashioned #titaness!

Before there was the iPad, there was this. Been using this desk planner for about 10 years. I like how you can view your life at a glance.


Now for the past 5 years or so, this Moleskin Weekly Notebook has been my companion everwhere. It is for my eyes only, not because it is a burn book, but is just really baboy. Schedules, grocery lists and coffee stains. My 2015 one reeked of buko juice for the longest time. Thank goodness the year is almost over!


If there is anyone who makes things happen, it has to be Mommy Mundo. When I feel like I am busy, I just think of her (…and my friend Cynthia).

Mommy Mundo recognizes the different roles a mother plays (high fives to all the headless chickens) and has allotted weekly spaces for family, home (Donya Problems), work, and last but not the least, for thyself.

So check out the Mom 24/7 planner. This can be your desk planer where you plot out world domination, vacations, party planning and more!


Ok so back in HS, I was a Filofax girl. Stickers, scented pens, the works. You can imagine my kileg when I saw these personal sized Filos in NBS. MUST BUY!!! I used it for 3 months. Mejo hassel sya gamitin. Balik Moleskin!!


But hey, if you are into creative planners, check out this workshop by @craftmnl!


If you want to get your kids started on time management, I suggest you go the Muji way. It’s so plain yet the possibilities are endless!


OOOH bonus find at NBS!

A sticker book!!


Featuring all Filipino artists. COOLNESS!!


So what are your 2016 planners? Do share!

Tita K

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No! Not this book again!

St James 2015

I’ve had that notebook for the past hundred years. This is what bears the lists of Xmas past and present. All your children’s names, addresses and favorite colors. What we gave and intend to regift.

I’m never really ready to fill up this book . I have friends who send their gifts right after Halloween. AZAR NO?

Anyway, if you are still scratching your head like me, here are some cool gift ideas from the St. James Bazaar 2015.

IG ready magnets from Sitting Pretty. 3 for Php100?? SOLD.

St James 2015

Pen Cases by Shmily. 4 for Php1000. Every girl loves pen cases. Trust me!

St James 2015

Hindi na uso ang burning of bridges. Wristlets for Php100 by Abby Jocson. Hello Camo!

St James 2015

Your precious pets need gifts too you know. I love the ruffles! Perfect for Donya Caramela! Click here.

St James 2015

This caught my attention. Posting here just because.

St James 2015

For the teen that goes on slumber parties (slumber party ba talaga yan?) or for the potato that refuses to leave the couch, check out Bleeves!

St James 2015

For when you are out of ideas.

St James 2015

Every human needs proper and preppy socks. Get matchy-matchy ones for parent and child.

St James 2015

Even newborns need socks. BONUS TIP: Buy these in bulk for when you have those #instabinyags!

St James 2015

Utilitarian chic tea sets. Made with Pyrex glass and surgical stainless steel.

St James 2015

Cute katol holders. Para sa lamoque. 09178711553.

St James 2015

There is something about waffle fabric that feels so mayaman. 09175101200.

St James 2015

Of course when all else fails, just scoot on over to Office Warehouse and arm yourselves with these cute money envelopes.

St James 2015

Here is what last year looked like.


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Are you one of those people that have their Xmas trees up by October? I HATE YOU. LOLz! I usually panic come end November. Then I call this dude who comes over to put up all my decor. HE IS THE TRUE FATHER CHRISTMAS. His name is Edmar.

As for the Xmas list,  the top three most difficult to shop for, IMHO, are:
1) men
2) bosses
3) everyone else

All year long I am plagued by that burning question of what to gift en masse. This I shall save for another entry. Or better yet, a shopping episode on L3.

Now for the men and the bosses, let Tenkie Box help us out!

Tenkie Box Concepts is the Philippine distributor of the mighty Otterbox.

What is Otterbox?

Why are you even asking me that question. It’s what I’ve been using on ALL my gadgets and is with me on ALL my selfies :p

“We design and manufacture protective cases for smartphones, tablets and mobile technology. Outdoorsy, professional, clumsy and busy — just like you — we don’t leave home without protection and hope you don’t either. OtterBox protection can withstand the worst situation you never imagined getting into.” -Otterbox USA

It always is a treat receiving gadgets for your gadgets. Even if you live atop the highest mountain, I’m sure you’d still have a mobile phone with you. And flashlights. And sounds pare!

Tenkie box has got you covered on all counts.

Check out these candy colored Ecoxtreme speakers!

Or its bigger, badder brother, the Ecoxterra!

WATERPROOF – designed for use on the water and offers protection for your mobile device from the Earth’s elements.

GREAT SOUND – 3 watts of power and a 3″ speaker provide a full dynamic range. Enjoy your tunes with a crisp clean sound.

RUGGED DESIGN –  impact resistant. Use it at the beach and anywhere you want to go!

UNIVERSAL FIT – Designed to fit mp3 players including your iPhone 4/4S & 5, Samsung S3, Android, Windows & Blackberry.

IT FLOATS – floats with up to 1/2 lb of your personal cargo inside its water-tight compartment.

GREAT BATTERY LIFE – Listen to your tunes all day. With up to  25-30 hrs of play time you won’t miss a beat.

Even if itapon mo pa sya sa pool, because you are angry, excited or just plain klutzy, you don’t have to worry 😉

The ECOROX speaker and suction cup mounts are a cool gift idea for your biker dudes.

For hobby guys that like to butingting with everything (ala Enteng Kabisote),  a portable light source is a great thing to have.

The small ones are the best for when you clean the ears of your kiddos!  Just make ipit on thy lips hihi.

Hook them on your jacket or bag zippers and be off!

If you’re still on a 4S you must get a camo case!

Check out the Tenkiebox website to shop for (yourself and) others.

Here is their store locator.

Happy shopping!

So… is your Xmas decor up yet?


Some photos via Tenkiebox FB and Tenkiebox IG  😉





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One of the things that will send me straight to the poorhouse is eyewear.

Welcome to Eye Society.

Home of your friendly neighborhood luxury brands such as Coach, Tory Burch, Polo Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu, Prada, Versace, Paul Smith, Oliver Peoples, Bvlgari and Tiffany & Co.

A true test of self restraint.

The team of Char CHAR!!! Siason walked us through their 4 major key trends.

Nga naman. If one were surrounded by gorgeous frames and born unto the Sesame Street generation, our ADD  would not allow us to appreciate each and every piece.

Are you into prints? Me no. If you catch me in prints, that can only mean my labandera accidentally burned all of my clothes and am suddenly left with no choice but to borrow.

The only consideration I will make is if prints are of the camoflage or animal sort.

Like these tortoise Pradas.

There is something about rounded spectacles that are just so POGI. Even for a chick.

I’m wearing these ultra-light Theos and below are Pradas.

The belle of the ball was definitely FLOWERS by Dolce and Gabanna.

Sarap kainin?? Reminds me of those Goldilocks birthday cakes back in the 80’s where you’d race for the pink sugar flowers. Akin yung pink!! AKIN!!!

Delicate as they appear, worry not, for these flowers wont fall off. They are screwed on tightly and are made of a durable and non-edible material. Hindi lalanggamin. Yero?

When worn, it gives you the promise of instant star power. Paparazzi will appear out of nowhere and you will suddenly have fans all around!

Right Jackie?  😉

Now the Prada Poeme is an MFO favorite.

She finds it “So runway! So conceptual!”
Parang tinubuan ng bulaklakin ang kilayz! 

“Like my eyebrows sprouted flowers.”

Here is MFO with her black Poemes, me in handsome D&G aviators and GJG in  her Glitter D&Gs.

And now for some BLUE STEEL.



The Miu Miu RASOIR (pronounced RASWAH) quite literally means razor.

As such was used to cut the bottom of the frames.

I’m  totally imagining the designer, late at night, at a creative quandary. Frustrated with his work, he grabs a razor (or an ax??) and swings at his desk then accidentally chops off the frames and VIOLA! Design genius!

Sorry I’m inventing that. Don’t quote me on that.


Let me tell you instead about true love…

SIGH. The Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian Baroque frames moved me to tears.

I will come back for you my beloved. Even if it sends me to the poorhouse! LOLz.

Come by Eye Society. There is so much to discover!

Eye Society Avant Building
48 Jupiter Street cor Mars Sts
Bel-Air Village, Makati
Eye Society SM Aura Premier
3/F SM Aura Premier Mall
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
 Eye Society 32nd & 5th Bldg
32nd & Fifth Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


Follow Luxury Eyewear PH on FB, Twitter and Instagram

And check out their products at the following retailers:

Department Stores:
SM Department Store
Landmark Makati and Trinoma
Robinsons Department Store
Rustan’s Makati and Shangrila
Metro Gaisano Ayala Cebu
Metro Gaisano Ayala Alabang
Tick Tock NAIA Terminal 2

Optical Shops:
Eye Society SM Aura, Jupiter
Eye Nation Robinsons Ermita
LS Pascual Rockwell, Shangrila, Magnolia, Robinsons Ermita, Robinsons Galleria
Almeda Glorietta 4, Shangrila
BPerez Optical Glorietta 4, Alabang Town Center
Eyecrafts Eastwood, Magnolia
Magno Optical Glorietta 1
Rita Optical Glorietta 1
Sarabia Optical Rockwell
S.E.E. Optics Trinoma
Shades and Sights Glorietta 1
The Optical Shop Glorietta 2
Unique Vision Mall of Asia
Vision Express

iWannet! uWannet!

Some photos from Luxury Eyewear PH and MFO












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Some weeks ago I was able to score some very chic throw pillows from Bungalow 300.

A gem of a home and lifestyle store in Alabang.

They were preparing for their big event.

Twice a year, they hold (pop up) shop in a house in Makati.

They set it up real nice and you can shop till you run out of checks books.


Honestly I got held up in this little corner.

The display area of celebrated jewelry designer Natalya Lagdameo.


Just look at her antique tamborins!!!

The relicarios are sourced around the Philippines. They go as far back as the 17th century.

Quite literally the stuff of Maria Claras.

Worn around their necks and used as rosaries to pray every hour on the hour.


Tita K: Muka ba akong Maria Clara?

Tita T: Hindi. Parang mas Damaso ka.

Hahaha! Shet!

The alucon is a technique unique to Ilocos. Look at that detail.

These are Natalya’s popular bangles. She worked closely with a tribe in Sagada to produce these beauties. Tribal custom is the higher your stature, the more the bangles.

Pwede hanggang leeg?

This is my dream piece.

If you have any questions you may click on over to:





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If everyone has it, provided it is not an STD, would you still want it?

Be it a monogramed bag, bejeweled collars or cookie butter.

Heaven knows I sky dove right into harem pants, kimonos and owls.

But when does HAPPENIN’ turn into HAZ BEEN?

Or should we care?

People often say “invest in classic pieces ” but what does that really mean? Is a Ralph Lauren Baby Tee not a classic?? Gladiator sandals? Or are they of an era gone by LIKE ANCIENT ROMAN CIVILIZATION and is that where they belong?

Let’s talk about Fashionability for a second.

The life span  of the “Fashionability” of a product is dependent on the people that have them:


They are the ones who shred their leggings. Who massacre their polos to wear only the collars. They cut up pieces of cork to stuff in their sneakers. They use their brother’s oxfords. This is where the trend begins.


These guys “get it.” They have an eye for what is new (not necessarily what will last). They buy online, are the first ones on the wait list and are the FIRST ones to posses the (now ubiquitous)  asymmetrical skirt.


This is where the trend or product becomes established. Why buy Net-a-Porter when you can buy Topshop? Not traveling? No problem! Instagram probably has it already.


Love the camo kicks of Valentino but have to sell your soul to Satan? GORA NA SA SM!! Bili na ng camo na sapatos in all incarnations!!


This is when the trend hits the stalls of the tiyangge. No more asymetrical skirt from Zara? Try Greenhills. Terno na kayo ng logo ballerina flats ni yaya.


See this chart from From WIKIPEDIA  on the Diffusion of Innovations: 



If you are a business owner, would you not  want your product to always be of Laggard levelz?  Laggardo Versoza! This is where the money is BUT this is when everyone will begin to imitate you. UUY! Sikat!

As for being baduy,   there are those who are just malakas makabaduy.

And the others that don’t care.

I wear Fitflops, hoard everything in camouflage and wear the same white tee everyday. The question really is about how comfortable you are in what you are wearing. Wear your clothes. Don’t make them wear you. Keri mo na yan.


Tita K



Trends ALWAYS come back, so provided your things have not been eaten by amag, just hang on to your Birkies and backpacks 😉


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Domesticity will either kill you (Donya Problems)

or fill your home with joy.

I enjoy a merry mix of BOTH. Haha! Kaloka!

I found this Domesticity cutlery caddy in Bungalow 300. 

It never made it to my kitchen.

Grabe lots of cool home stuff on the Domesticity website!!

“We are a proudly-Filipino company that manufactures handicraft products made of Pandan and other indigenous material such as Sabutan, faux leather…

We manufacture house wares and gift items. We employ 20 family members of sugar workers, and out of school youth from our family owned sugar farm in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental.

All of Domesticity’s workers are beneficiaries of the Gawad Kalinga Village in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental.  

A portion of our sales profits will go to building houses for the families, and support the various activities of the village.”

Prettify your kalat with these boxes and crates.

Love their throw pillows!

Been using them on the set of Live Love LOLz.

Classy hampers and basurahans!

Click on over to mydomesticity.com and let’s get crackin’!

Now I all I need is my own housewife.







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If you are with child/ have child or more, you know the harsh reality of falling hair.

Ubusan ng Glamour.

Palakihan ng noo.


Remember the grocery type gugo shampoo lola swears by? Admittedly it is kind of depressing to use. Kind of like liquid earth.

Thank the follicle gods for Zenutrients.

For me, they are initially beloved for their gugo shampoo.

But once you step into their world of natural & organic home, bath and spa products…

you can’t not want more.

“The brand began in 2007 as ZEN, as then-creator & his family suffered from skin asthma and psoriasis. He wanted a healthy, natural skin care alternative and found that using Virgin Coconut Oil worked for his family. ZEN began by bottling & selling Virgin Coconut Oil, which rapidly expanded to related lines: soaps, massage oils, lotions, shampoos & the like. ” 

Not just that, the idea was to also create jobs for underprivileged women. From the Zen then to the Zenutrients now, they still are guided by that social responsibility.

‘Tis beauty for thy skin and soul.

Today, with Angela Dinglasan now at the helm, she continues to expand their product line and retail empire.

Empire talaga? Hahaha! Magsi luhod kayo sa Mahal na Emperatriz ng Kalikasan! LOLz

Here is their first store in Vmall Greenhills.

Now 14 branches later, and a bajillion products strong, Zenutrients continues to bring nature to our baths and homes.

The Zenutrients HQ located at 57 East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig, is a shopping experience to behold.

Organic products abound.

You can also watch production, ala pizza parlor or bakery, where they create the magic that is  organic bath and body yumnezz.

I like buying small shampoos for my boys then keep changing flavor haha.

Been enjoying their bath products and epsom salt mixes for when you just need to soak your woes away.

Dahil sabi ng Mahal na Emperatriz, kelangan mag baon ng massage oil,  I always bring one with me.

This oil is for your burners but I put it in that air cleaning spinning thing. Freshness.

And of course, the product I can’t get enough of! Smells like Nenuco and wards of evil mosquitoes!

Tita K tip: Buy 10 spray bottles and leave all over your house/cars/ designer bags. Choz!

Then buy the litro refill 😉

Come and fall in love with Zenutrients today.



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Talking of one’s fatness, to an old friend or a new acquaintance,  is quite commonplace.  “I’m so fat.”

No you’re not.

I look pregnant.

No you don’t. I’M pregnant.

OMG YOURE PREGNANT! CONGRATS!!…But look at my arms.

No, no, look at MY arms… and so on.

This self-deprecating banter is well embraced and everyone usually chimes in. Name an unhappy body part and the other person negates it by saying how fabulous you look. (Whether they mean it or not.)

Everyone does this. Myself included.

Why is it so normal to nitpick on what is wrong with your person and dwell on it?

Meet Danah and Stacy, the wonder twins behind The Plump Pinay.

They too have gone through this vicious vortex and have had enough. They are image warriors that believe that FAT does not mean lazy or inadequate. FAT is a term to describe size, and nothing more. Like long or short.

These super sisters are fabulous, intelligent, energetic and oozing with sexiness. Their confidence was hard earned and they too, did  journey along that dark road of self doubt.

I was in tears when reading their blog. I was researching for Live Love LOLz and found myself glued. We all have gotten to a point where we have been consumed by disappointment on  how we look.  But why?? Ang babaw! Nakakainis! Wala akong masuot! Ayoko lumabas ng bahay!

Where does this false sense of pressure come from?? Our obsession with celebrity and fashion?


Celebs come in all sizes.


And plus-size fashion is everywhere.

The Plump Pinay has gained quite the following. They preach love for self.

They speaketh of fashion for all sizes, of beauty inside and out.

After launching their blog they’ve had to opportunity to model,

design swimwear,

be brand ambassadors

and cover girls.

All in the name of being comfortable in your own skin.

This was a great ep of L3!

Do check out their blog of course:


I am proud to know them and fully support their advocacy.

Big Love to all!


Tita K

Photos from ThePlump Pinay on FB, google images and @imdayrit 

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A wise man once said…


Remember my post on Bikram yoga after the first time I ever tried it? Well well well. Look do we have here..

It’s been 3 years and am still practicing this crazy yoga.

Practicing with regularity is no easy feat. Never in your life will your mind create such elaborate excuses to JUST. NOT. GO.

I even paid a month’s dues only to show up once. DON’T TELL THE H.

I was busy/sick/tired/depressed. Basta I couldn’t go. Ata.

Today I am happy that I have it in my life. I still go schitzo before class but usually show up. I think I’ve mastered the art of piping down those voices in my head. So much so, that I decided to join the 30 Day Challenge. ANETCHHH??


Ok, what I signed up for was really the 4 x 4 Challenge, wherein you practice Bikram yoga 4 times a week for 4 weeks. Keribelles. Chika lang.

Then I got sick. Yung totoong fever levelz. So on the first week, I was already disqualified. LOSER!

So I requested to convert to the 30 Day Challenge.


You will really have to dig deep into the recesses of your soul to get through this physical and mental journey. You can’t be like “Ooh! Let’s sign up!” and think you’ll be skipping through a blooming meadow. BIKRAM TO TEH. MAJINIT. MAJIRAP. You need to COMMIT and tell the voices in your head to please STFU (Of course they won’t hahaha).

Though your yoga practice is your own, after each class, you have your teachers and classmates to commiserate with.

Would I do it again?

My answer is yes. (For now)

Is it worth it?

Oo naman. Shet.

I used to go to Bikram Yoga Eastwood then Bikram Yoga Greenhills.

My home now is in Bikram Yoga Alabang.

I would love for you to try. It is nothing but good for your mind and your body. PROMISE. You will come out with more patience in life, respect for yourself, and a sexehh badehhh!!! LOLOLz! Let’s go!




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